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Join the Galaxy of Stars on YOUtenna.

Getting your voice on YOUtenna is fun, easy and free!

Use your smartphone, or any recording device. Record a voice memo or mp3.

email it to Shout@Youtenna.Com

Say hello to the world! Click HERE to get started.

What is YOUtenna? YOUtenna is your radio station!

YOU are in control. YOU pick the songs. YOU are the DJ.

Give a shout out to all your friends and family.
Have fun on the air! It's FUN, FREE and EASY!
Now playing in over 100 countries.
We'll make you world famous!



First and foremost, YOUtenna is the world's greatest radio station.

But YOUtenna is  really so much more than that.

YOUtenna is one part interactive juke box, one part human behavorial experiment, one part social media website, one part proof of concept, and one part grassroots to global marketing platform.

But it only works when YOU play the game.

YOUtenna isn't about us, it's all about YOU!

You tell us what to play. You dedicate or introduce the songs. You get on the air with YOUtenna, and say hello to friends and family. YOU are in control. YOUtenna is YOUR station.

You get out of YOUtenna exactly what you put into it. So get involved with YOUtenna. It starts with an email. Send your voice memo for broadcast, or simply write with any questions you may have. We'll be delighted to hear from you.

A station representative will reply. You will never receive an autogenerated response, and your address will never be shared or spammed.